Here is a list of 20 facts about Living Care Retirement Community:

  •  We celebrate our anniversary every year on May 2nd

  • Our Founders were husband and wife; Brannen and Albert Meyer

  • We are a non-denominational evangelical Christian organization

  • We are a not-for-profit organization

  • We were approved by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) for
    501(c)3 non-profit status in 1960

  • We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors

  • Our official name is West Valley Nursing Homes, Inc.

  • We became incorporated in 1958

  • Our "dba" (does business as) is Living Care Retirement Community

  • We have also used the name Living Care Centers

  • Living Care is the only Continuing Care Retirement Community in
    Central Washington offering three levels of care; Retirement
    Apartments, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing - on a single

  • The Living Care campus sits on 10 acres

  • We employ approximately 200 people

  • The employee who has been with us the longest celebrated their 40th
    anniversary in 2016

  • There are approximately 300 residents living on our campus

  • We have 3 chaplains that minister both on campus to residents and staff, and
    off campus to residents in 5 other nursing homes

  • We have had only 3 Executive Directors in our 58 year History

  • We have a time capsule buried near the Living View apartment building with
    instructions for it to be opened on our 100th Anniversary in 2058!