Charitable Giving Opportunities

New Healthcare Center Construction Every day, our staff, residents and families are challenged by the limitations of the existing 41 year old Summitview Healthcare Center and its outdated, institutional design. The construction of a new healthcare center is Living Care's highest priority and plans are currently underway. The new facility will be the ONLY one of its kind in the Yakima Valley and will allow Living Care to realize its vision to serve seniors in a quality, attractive, home environment for generations to come. In this time of healthcare reform and significantly reduced Medicaid reimbursement, your financial support is critical.

The Circle of Friends Resident Assistance Fund This fund provides financial support to Living Care residents who find themselves lacking the resources to pay for rent, specialized equipment or services. Please consider joining our Circle of Friends with a gift that will help provide the continued comfort of a loving, caring environment- allowing residents in need to live with dignity and security.

The Chaplain Ministry Fund When individuals reach a point in their lives when living on their own is no longer possible, they need a consistent reminder of their value as His children- knowing their lives still have purpose, value and are deserving of respect. Contributions in support of Living Care’s Chaplain Ministry help provide funding for support materials, programs for spiritual enrichment and expansion of the ministry to other retirement communities and nursing homes throughout the Yakima Valley.


The Endowment Fund A contribution to the Endowment Fund at Living Care is an investment for the future. An endowment is money given with the stipulation that the funds are not spent but rather invested to earn interest, Earnings from our Endowment Fund provide ongoing support for projects and programs that benefit those we serve. Your gift will continue to earn income year after year - leaving a Legacy of Caring  state of the art healthcare facility for residents who require nursing care. This facility will be the ONLY one of its kind in the Yakima Valley by combining a cozy "neighborhood" stylized living environment with advanced nursing facility features.


Unrestricted Gifts These gifts provide support for the day to day care of many of the residents we serve. Your unrestricted gifts help to offset expenses which are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.  Each year, Living Care is able to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in Charitable Healthcare - your help is appreciated!


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