Core Values

These core values touch every aspect of Living Care Retirement Community:

  • Christian Ministry - Our actions are guided by a Christian Ministry, modeling Christ’s love, which calls us to provide loving care to seniors.
  • Respect - Each member of our community is treated with Respect in all interactions.
  • Integrity - Our decisions are measured by Integrity rather than by ease or profitability.
  • Sanctity of Life – As taught in Scripture, we believe in the Sanctity of Life and are committed to nurturing each life in our care.
  • Compassion – We serve others with Compassion knowing that is how we would wish to be treated.
  • Quality - From the most complex health care we provide to the simplest refreshments we offer, we strive to deliver the highest Quality services at all times.
  • Learning - Recognizing that there is no limit to Learning, our residents and staff are encouraged to embrace opportunities for furthering their knowledge and skills.
  • Joyfulness – Our work is hard but can be made enjoyable as we seek to inspire each other with expressions of Joyfulness in all that we do.
  • Staff - We honor our Staff and recognize their unique contributions to the success of our community.
  • Servant Leadership - We believe leadership is most effective when it serves and supports those around us rather than simply directing them.
  • Stewardship - We value all our resources, whether physical, financial or human and, as good Stewards, will judiciously use and maintain them to ensure Living Care remains strong and vibrant for future generations.
  • Growth - We believe our services benefit others and therefore aspire to expand our facilities and services to others as the Lord leads.